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Lip Enhancement

Full, well-shaped lips are a sign of beauty and youth. Unfortunately most of us do not have ideal lips due to either genetics or age, or both. However, with the injection of volumizing agents, such as hyaluronic fillers or autologous fat, we are able to correct a lack of fullness and improve shape. Surgical procedures such as central and lateral lip lifts also have the ability to change the shape of the lips for a more pleasing appearance. Dr. Kiener has extensive experience in all aspects of lip enhancement and has even presented his techniques at regioanl as well as INTERNATIONAL plastic surgery meetings.


Injections are typically done in the office with the use of local anesthesia. Hyaluronic acid fillers are commonly used and can produce noticeable effects that last for up to six months. Fat grafting is also performed as an office procedure, but requires the harvesting of fat, usually from the abdomen. This necessitates additional anesthesia. Furthermore, there is usually more bruising and swelling with fat grafting. The results may potentially last longer, but the results are patient-dependent.


Surgeries to improve the appearance of the lips are numerous, including the insertion of implants, vermillion advancement, as well as the variety of lip lifts. Dr. Kiener feels that the central lip lift and the corner of the mouth lift produce the most noticeable results, with the least morbidity or undesirable outcomes. The central lift is used to increase vermillion show, more red lip showing, as well as to reduce the lengthening of the upper lip seen in aging. It can be done as an office procure with local anesthesia and is well tolerated. The corner of the mouth lift is used to correct the downturned corner of the mouth that may give a patient an angry appearance.  This is also typically performed as an office procedure using local anesthetic.  Sutures are removed at one week and scarring is minimal.  Both of these are powerful techniques in peri-oral rejuvenation.  Contact Dr. Kiener today