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Gynecomastia Surgery

Though rarely discussed, gynecomastia (enlarged breasts in men) is actually common, affecting an estimated 40 to 60% of men. It may affect one breast or both. Gynecomastia can make men feel awkward or extremely self-conscious about their appearance, but this condition can be treated with male breast reduction surgery performed by Dr. Kiener. This plastic surgery procedure removes excess tissue and fat from the breasts, resulting in a flatter and firmer chest area.

Who Should Get Gynecomastia?

The best candidates for gynecomastia repair are men who have elastic skin that Dr. Kiener can reshape to the body’s new and firmer contours.
Breast reduction surgery is generally discouraged in obese or overweight men, since it is possible that the condition may be corrected with just exercise or weight loss.
Men who drink alcohol, smoke marijuana, or take steroids are also not considered good candidates, since their lifestyle practices may cause gynecomastia. The surgery may only be an option if breast fullness doesn’t diminish even after they’ve stopped using such drugs.

The Surgery

Dr. Kiener may perform one of two options to treat gynecomastia.
  • If a patient’s condition is caused by excess glandular tissue:
    • Dr. Kiener makes an inconspicuous incision either on the edge of the areola or in the armpit. He then cuts away the excess glandular tissue, fat, and skin around the areola, as well as in the sides and bottom of the breasts. This procedure may be combined with liposuction.
  • If a patient’s condition is caused by excessive fatty tissue:
    • Dr. Kiener will likely opt for liposuction to remove the fat, making a small incision around the edge of the areola. A cannula is then inserted into the incision to suction out the fat deposits.


Patients usually feel mild discomfort or experience some bruising and/ or swelling after the surgery. Any pain or discomfort can be treated with medication prescribed by Dr. Kiener. To reduce the swelling, patients are required to wear an elastic pressure garment continuously for one to two weeks, and for a couple more weeks at night. Much of the swelling will diminish within several weeks, but it usually takes at least three months before the results of the gynecomastia repair become evident.
If you would like more information about gynecomastia or to schedule a consultation, contact Dr. Kiener today!