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Face Lift Surgery

Take the years off your face and look as young and rested as you feel with a face-lift!  A modern face lift  targets the descent of tissue in the face, excess wrinkled skin and loss of volume in the face and neck. It is NOT simply removing wrinkled skin. and neck. and neck.  The result is a younger and more refreshing appearance, the kind that matches your passion and zest for life.

Who Should Get a Face-Lift?

The best candidates for a face-lift are individuals who are looking to restore the youthful appearance of the face and address one or more of the following conditions:
  • Sagging jowls
  • Excess fatty deposits in the neck
  • Loss of facial fat
  • Descent of deep facial tissues
  • Deep creases or wrinkles in the cheeks 
  • Loose skin and muscles in the face and neck

The Surgery

Dr. Kiener typically perform a SMAS type facelift.  This involves lifting the deeper tissues independant of the skin redraping.  This produces a natural rejuvenated appearance as opposed to the tight "wind tunnel" that may be seen with skin only facelifts.   Incisions  are based on the patients problems.  The greater the skin excess and laxity the more extensive the skin incisions.  The scars are usually minmal, but in rare cases,  are noticable and can be camouflaged with make-up. 
When patients have minimal problems minimal procedures are appropriate.  These limited or MINILIFTS are typically performed in the office setting under local anesthesia.  
The procedure takes two to three hours.  It is always combined with facial fat grafting to optimally restore the full face of youth.  It is usually performed under general anesthesia, but IV sedation is also an option.


After surgery, a bandage is wrapped around the face to minimize swelling and bruising. In some cases, a thin tube may be inserted beneath the skin to drain excess fluids. Bandages and tubes are removed within one to two days, while stitches are removed within a week. Puffiness and discoloration, as well as swelling and bruising, are normal and expected to fully dissipate within several weeks after surgery.
Patients are advised to rest and limit activities during the early days of the recovery period. Dr. Kiener also recommends elevating the head when sleeping to minimize the swelling. Most patients resume their regular routine within three weeks following the procedure.
If you would like more information about a face-lift surgery or to schedule a consultation, contact Dr. Kiener today!